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Core Values

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Loving People

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Making Disciples

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Strengthening Families

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Collaborating with Others 

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In John 13:34-35, Jesus says the way people will know we are his disciples is the love we have for one another. We must love people like Jesus loved us with no exceptions.

This is our mission as a church. This is the goal. Jesus said “go, and make disciples” so we will be intentional about disciplining people. We want people to have a growing, thriving, life-giving relationship with Jesus. 

There is an adage that says “it take a village to raise a child.” We feel that God will use us to be a part of that village and support system needed to strengthen families that are connected to us and in our community.

We are a kingdom minded church. We seek to work together with individuals and organizations in our community who are doing kingdom work to build bridges and connect lives. We can do more together than we can ever do apart.

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