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What We Believe



Our vision is to build bridges and connect lives.
Our plan is to build bridges through our relationship building to connect people to Christ and to one another.

We don't have a mission statement because we believe that our mission was given by Jesus in what is referred to as the Great Commission. There He instructs His disciples to "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts:1:8) Everything we do should ultimately be connected back to this mission.

We also believe that success in life is found when an individual discovers and fulfills their God-given purpose. We truly believe that God has called us to Austell (and the surrounding areas) to help people to discover and fulfill all they have been called to accomplish during the different seasons of their life. In addition, we are convinced that God called us to this specific area to make a positive impact within our community--whether the people who are impacted ever step foot onto our facilities.



We will continually be engaged in connecting with people. We believe there was a reason Jesus said to "GO!" Instead of waiting for people to come to us we will be intentional about going out to connect with people both locally where we are planted, and globally through the use of social media, technology, and missions work. Developing, cultivating, and maintaining relationships is key to us because we believe what makes us different from other organizations that do good is the Jesus who has radically loved us and changed us. In all we do, we plan to show this same type of love and compassion to others.

We plan to do this by being a community of believers who will continually pursue Jesus; are intentional about prayer, discipleship, and evangelism as well as encouraging and having fellowship with one another. We will be intentionally focused on helping people to grow spiritually both internally (within our ministry), externally (with those in our area who are not a part of our ministry), and with those we connect with via technology (social media, YouTube, and via the Internet). This is will be a place where praise and worship is intentional, diverse, and unhindered. We also want to become a sending church which regularly equips, sends, and supports church planters.



You can expect to come as you are. Although some churches may say that, we really mean it. We can attest to the fact that God welcomed each of us right where we were. So, we welcome you as you currently are. You can expect to receive biblical teaching in a simple, uncomplicated manner that can be applied to your life. You can expect to find praise and worship intentional, diverse, and unhindered. You can expect more than just a great worship experience (in-the-church), but an opportunity to develop a missional mindset (outside-the-church). That’s right, our mindset is one of rolling up our sleeves and doing what’s needed to improve our community. We feel that we have been sent to make a difference versus waiting for people to come, and we invite you to join us.


We recognize that the church isn't made up of perfect people who have it all figured out. Instead, we see ourselves (from the Pastor to the first time visitor) as works in progress. Imperfect people who are loved beyond what we deserve by a perfect God. While we are not perfect, we are continually in pursuit of perfection and being better than we were yesterday. We believe that eventually you become what you pursue, and this is the reason we are a community that pursues God fully, and work whole heartedly to follow the example Jesus set for us. We do this by an intentional focus on loving people, making disciples, strengthening families, and collaborating with others.

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